Consultancy for Medical Doctors and Family



Consultancy for medical doctors and their families

As I worked as a general practitioner in a solo practice and as a specialist for a company, I understand the joy and lived the challenges and pitfalls of being a medical doctor.

In my work I often diagnosed burn-out, I helped people with burn-out and I went through it myself.

While keeping up with literature , my experience makes me very adequate to help, advise and support doctors suffering burn-out.

I recognise that every story is different and every approach needs to be personal.

When the medical doctor suffers, the whole family suffers too. It may be important to involve the family in the consultancy.

We know it is not easy for a doctor to look for help for himself. As with every counselling or consultancy, discretion is assured.

Let me introduce you to my wife Isabelle, she can’t wait to share and encourage you:

Being married to my dear husband for more than 30 years, I know how important a loving and safe environment is. I saw from the front row the impact that burn-out has on a person, his family and his relationships.  Johan had always been the guy you could relate on to fix things, he always had a practical solution in mind or was the one who would serve and sacrifice himself for the other. I felt so helpless seeing my husband and our children’s dad, losing his dynamics. It felt like we were all caught in a vicious circle downward. And nobody could help it.

We experienced all a restrained dynamic, a flattening of our energy. We saw how irritation was taking its toll on all of us and we began to withdraw in our own worlds. Our family dynamics were affected and somehow changed. The children understood there was a problem called burn-out, but they missed their dad. I had to take responsibility in area’s I wasn’t used to. We couldn’t reach the level of fun, joy and playfulness as we used to with the children. Some of our relationships stopped, we faced judgement, incomprehension and rejection by peers, family and church. It is not an easy thing to share, ‘the doctor needs help for himself, how can he still be practising? How did it come that far?’

 It wasn’t easy to talk about because at that time Belgian medical circles either were ignorant or scornful about it. Occupational medicine in particular took its time to adjust to science and humanity. As a family we did the hike together, up the mountain. It took us some time, it’s a process, a journey with several stages. And that’s all right when you know you are loved and cared for by a perfect Father right on your side. We got there. My husband has regained his vitality, he discovered new ways of true recuperation and he’s enjoying himself as we fully enjoy him even more than ever.

Proof? In 6 month’s time we made a full emigration from Belgium, Europe to South Africa. Complete uprooting from one side and deep rooting at the other side. We both have vision and enjoy our work, we share and have confidence in the future because Father God will always sit on the throne of life. This is also for you! You can and will make it. And you don’t have to do it on your own, but empowered by the healing love of God specifically for you. Allow us to point you in the right direction and assist you the best we can.   


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