The Heavens Declare God’s Victory Over Coronavirus By Dr.Isabelle Declercq

Submitted by Dr. Mark Virkler on April 22, 2020 – 11:40 Communion  with God Ministries

I received the following email from Isabelle Declercq, one of our CLU graduates. She has seen God wage war in the heavenlies and defeat the Coronavirus. His message is in the clouds that she beheld and she tells her story below. It reminds me of the verse: The heavens declare His righteousness, And all the peoples have seen His glory (Ps. 97:6)!

Isabelle’s story

Picture 1 – The Dragon

I believe God has a better plan for all of us than what the World Health Organization and many other world leading organizations are proclaiming. Doom is not God; life and grace, redemption and breakthrough sounds like God.

It was the 16th of April 2020 in my village of Montagu. I had been interceding the night before; I poured out my heart before the Lord. I proclaimed His victory and my trust in Him in tears. Next day around 6pm I stood on our terrace gazing at the Langeberg mountains surrounding my village.

Suddenly I saw a strange cloud formation that looked very much like an intimidating dragon to me (pict.1).

Next it developed into a different scene, the clouds flowing into a fierce lion attacking in full strength the dragon (pict. 2).

The cloud picture flowed into the third scene where the Lion is victorious and the dragon disappeared (pict. 3).

What a great and encouraging picture the Lord gives me:

Don’t worry, My child. You’re right – there’s an intimidating darkness raging and approaching you, but don’t you fear, the battle is Mine. Let Me take care of your enemy. I am the Lion of Judah, the victory is already Mine. See?


Picture 2 – The Lion Attacks

God is so gracious; His Word is full of His promises of life and protection, healing and reassurance. But at some point we do need His special personal message to us, don’t we? I’ve always loved to watch the cloudy skies and the stars at night. I see God in His creation and therefore God uses this to talk to me very personally because my heart will catch His message. My heart understands picture language. If I had disregarded these cloud pictures, I would have missed His ministry of reassurance. But I learned to invite Jesus into my vision and let Him take it from there. He starts moving and revealing His life, His way and His Truth. He strengthened my faith by displaying His Word on that cloudy screen for me. And who knows, perhaps others may have seen it and received His ministry too?

I found it important to share this because we really don’t want to miss God’s personal messages to us at any time and especially during this threatening and intimidating corona wave. God is love and He is what we need now. His perfect love reassuring me, feeling like a child in my Daddy’s arms as the world around me is screaming its fear. He’s got us covered by the Lion of Judah Himself!

I thank God for the extraordinary treasure of learning to see God in all and to hear and experience His voice and His Kingdom all around us.

Picture 3 – The Lion Victorious

Many blessings from the mountains of Montagu!

Reflections from Mark Virkler

God communicates to us in so many ways. He speaks through the Bible as well as the Holy Spirit’s impressions in our hearts. He speaks through the counsel of others, the fruit of life, and through His creation, to name just a few. It is wise to be open to expect God to reveal Himself in any and all ways He chooses!